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The Apple Tax

June 24, 2019


***Disclaimer: This information is not my own, but based off of research done from websites like and other sources. Opinions, however, are completely my own. I will link all of the articles used if you wish to further read up.***


Apple has been in the news quite a bit recently regarding many new launches releasing fairly soon. But, they have also been in the news because of the Apple v. Pepper case. 


If you haven't heard, Apple is charging an extra 30% commission to their apps  -- a total of $14 billion in extra income a year -- without any repercussions because of the monopolization of the market. Consumers have taken Apple to court over it, and it has been ruled that consumers can sue over the commission prices. This is bringing us one step closer to taking down the four tech giants, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, from abusing their power. 



After reading up on the case and some of the information about Apple, Apple is the only tech giant out of the four that has yet to receive any of the backlash for monopolization