Our most popular repair on an iPhone 6 would be the iPhone 6 Screen Repair. We encounter many iPhone 6's that have cracked or broken screens and offer our professional repair services to our customers at a great price!

5 Series Screen Repair

When the glass of your iPhone cracks, there is a high likelihood of damaging the LCD. You may noticed dead pixels, lines across the display , or an unresponsive touch function. Our iPhone 5 Series   screen replacements are done by professional technicians and will rid your phone of any issue in less than an hour!

5 Series Battery Replacement

Does it feel like your iPhone 5 Series  battery is draining faster than it used to? Does your battery only charge to a certain percentage? Is your iPhone 5 Series battery not holding a charge? A simple battery replacement may be the answer for you!

5 Series Lightning Port Repair

Signs and Symptoms of the need for a new lightning port are something to look for. One obvious sign would be to look for physical damage along the dock. Another may be having a hard time connecting to itunes. Finally, if you are having an issue charging the device or it does not seem to stay connect. 

5 Series Front Camera Repair

Are your selfies coming out blurrier than normal? A damaged front facing camera can be unresponsive, blurry, or fuzzy and rough image quality. This repair is no match for our highly trained professional technicians. Repair times for front facing camera's are often completed in under twenty minutes!

5 Series Back Camera Repair

Much like the iPhone 6 Front camera repair, the back camera repair experiences the same symptoms. Some symptoms may be that your iPhone 6's rear camera is unresponsive, produces blurry or rough images, or takes poor quality photos. This repair has a fast turnaround time and can be performed by our professional iPhone technicians in less twenty minutes in most cases.

5 Series Mic Repair

Your iPhone 5 Series may be in need of a microphone repair if you are being told that you are coming in choppy often. Another sign would be that your iPhone 6 does not transmit sound to another caller even though the mute button is off. Our professional cell phone technicians can have this repair completed in no time at all!

5 Series  Loudspeaker Repair

This repair is for when your iPhone 6's speaker phone function does not work. Ringtones will be silent if the loudspeaker is broken, or if the speaker is blown out it will have a static sound coming from it. Our certified technicians are on the case and can have your iPhone 6 repaired quickly and efficiently. 

 Water Damage 

Liquid damaged phones are one of the few repairs that we will not warranty due to the magnitude of issues that may arise in the future. If you've dropped your iPhone 6 into the toilet, pool, or some other body of water, we will gladly conduct our water treatment cleaning and progress from there. 

We repair cracked screens for iPhones. Professional repair services for Venice, North Port, Englewood, Port Charlotte, and Sarasota for all iPhone screen repairs and replacements.