iPad Repair

iPad Screen Repair

This repair is for when only your glass is cracked on your iPad. The iPad may experience some unresponsive touch issues, cracked or broken screen, or more. If your LCD is damaged, this repair will not fix the issue. 

iPad Battery Replacement

Does it feel like your iPad battery is draining faster than it used to? Does your battery only charge to a certain percentage? Is your iPad battery not holding a charge? A simple battery replacement may be the answer for you!

iPad Charging Port Repair

Signs and Symptoms of the need for a new lightning port are something to look for. One obvious sign would be to look for physical damage along the dock. Another may be having a hard time connecting to itunes. Finally, if you are having an issue charging the device or it does not seem to stay connect. If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, you may want to give us a call!

iPad LCD Repair

This repair is for an unresponsive LCD for the iPad. If the device powers on, but nothing is on the screen, you may have a bad LCD. LCD issues are normally caused by the iPad impacting a hard surface and may experience dead pixels or pressure spots. If your iPad LCD is looking funky, bring it in to the shop and our Professional Tablet Technicians will take care of it!

iPad Volume Repair

Netflix is on but the iPad does not play any sound. Ouch, what a bummer. It may be time to take a look at the speakers or the volume flex. Depending on the issue, whether your iPad volume button is not working or the volume is all the way up and you cant hear a thing, our technicians will have it fixed in no time!

All Other iPad Repairs

For all other iPad repairs, before to book an appointment or give us a call in the shop. Our expert technicians are on top of all the latest issues, to include software and iOS problems, and are more than capable to fix whatever issue you are facing with your iPad!

We repair cracked screens for iPads. Professional repair services for Venice, North Port, Englewood, Port Charlotte, and Sarasota for all iPad screen repairs and replacements.