Game Console Repair

Is your video game console experiencing performance issues, having a hard time reading disks, not enough storage to hold your games? Our technicians will pinpoint the issue and have the console running at its fullest potential! Swing by the shop or follow our mail-in instructions and we can get started

Common Console Repairs

HDMI/USB Port Repair

Solder joints in these ports tend to come loose rather often, causing an unstable connection.


Our technicians can replace the port directly to the motherboard with ease and done the same day in most cases

Power Issues

Console doesn't power on? Bring the device by and we'll perform our free diagnostic and discuss the best and most feasible options for you!

HDD Upgrade/repair

Not enough space to store all your games and apps? Sounds like it is time for an upgraded HDD.

Our technicians will take care of everything for you! Stop by our shop in Venice today!

Optical Drive Repair

Are you experiencing disk reading issues with you console? It could very well be as simple internal cleaning is needed or the optical drive is faulty. 

We will conduct our initial diagnostic and determine the need for replacement and discuss the options with you!


Some games and apps require much more power than others. If you're experiencing an issue with your system getting hotter than normal, it may be an issue with the fan. 

Come by and we'll confirm the issue and set up a plan to get it fixed for you!

Screen Replacements

For those handheld devices, the screens are relatively durable. However, that doesn't mean they don't break or get overly scratched up!

Our technicians are able to replace the screens with precision, guaranteeing you with an efficient repair!

Board/ Other Repairs

For all your other repair needs on consoles, click on the free estimate button at the top and we'll respond in a timely manner. 

Feel free to bring the device by and have our technicians take a look at it.